Top most Google Adsense alternatives for Indian publishers

If you want to make money online there is no better option than Google Adsense. However, thankfully Adsense is not the only option available for Indian publishers. In case you have not yet applied for Google Adsense or your application was rejected or you wish to explore more revenue models and earn check out the list of ad-networks that works well for Indian publishers.
Though all the ad networks listed below are safe to use along with AdSense it is advisable to cross check and be sure that the Adsense term and condition are not breached. From my experience Google Adsense will earn you more money that other affiliate / ad networks but by combining certain networks you can make the most out of it without affecting the AdSense income.
However these alternatives will only work for you if have heavy traffic on your site.

Tribal Fusion
Tribal Fusion is probably the best paying ad network and works well even for Indian Publishers. Having said you need a lot of traffic on your site. Tribal Fusion has updated their minimum site requirement which states that you need 500,000 unique visitors per month that amounts to about 15,000 hits daily.
If you have that much traffic you can earn more by carefully placing the Tribal ads with AdSense and in this process earn more without affecting the AdSense income. Minimum payout is $50.
Apply of Tribal Fusion. 

Technorathi Media

I have used Technorathi Media and it works best if you are getting US / UK traffic. Technorathi even works for Indian visitors but it is not that impressive. The application process is simple and it is relatively easier to get into as a publisher, make sure you have good content and decent traffic about 2000 + daily visitors. Minimum payment amount is $50.
Indian Publisher Submit your application to Technorathi Media. 


Many Indian publishers are already aware of this Infolinks ad network which makes use of in-text ads. All you need to do is add the Infolinks code in your HTML file and related keywords automatically get linked and when visitors move the mouse over these links they see a box with the ads in it.
Infolinks does work and is a good combination with Adsense.  Minimum payment threshold is $50.
Join Infolinks.


This is another ad network that Indian publisher would love to add. The minimum payout is $10 via PayPal and $50 by cheque. Again you can make a decent amount of income if you have more of USA / UK visitors. Though the Chitika ad may look a bit similar to AdSense they are not contextual ads and can be safely used along with Adsense.
Apply to Chitika Ad network.
There are the 4 best ad networks that can be used with Adsense or as an alternative to AdSense. There are many other networks in the Indian market but they are not that impressive. AdBrite is also a well known network which has worked for some but it does not work for Indian visitors.


  1. You are right these are top Google Adsense Alternatives but Chitika is one of them to earn money and see more click through rate.

  2. You can have many Publisher programs on over the internet but Google pay high. Thats the primary cause to Adsense success. Getting approval for an adsense account required your blog need to fullfill all the policies from Google. Sometime it is difficult to get an adsense approval. In this case you can earn dollars from other alternatives. Know them

  3. Great post , personally i use RevenueHits i thin its the best adsense alternative . any one agree with me?

  4. Thanks for sharing your valuable information. My adsense acoount was banned by google i tried many times to get approval but no use of it,I tried Chitika for a few days and experienced some pretty awesome results.

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  6. It's really difficult to earn online money by ads unless we behave in professional ways. For part time blogger like me it's really tough. I have scripted Chitika and Infolinks but very low revenues. Thanking to your list, i will try some more of these.

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