Ways to get an approved adsense account using adsense associations

1). Approve Google Adsense using Blogger

 Here is the first way and many of the blogger use this way to be Google Adsense publisher. As blogger I know this is very boring way , but I will tell you this is mainly preferred way to be Google Adsense publisher. I also approve my Google Adsense account using this way. So you might be thinks of what needs to approve Google Adsense using this way, which listed below :
  • For this way you need one blog in any platform (prefer Blogger).
  • Blog will be active mean daily or weekly updated.
  • Content on blog must be original content not copied .
  • At lease there should be 50-60 post with original content mentioned above.
So these much is enough to apply for Google Adsense. By this way you not have to share any of the revenue which you get from Google Adsense. If your blog contain these much information then Google have not any single chance to reject your blog.

2). Approve Google Adsense using Youtube

Here is the another and in my opinion the best way for once disapproved publishers. Youtube made a lot easy to get an Adsense account for any youtube partner. You just need to create a youtube channel, upload some vedios and wait for some regular traffic on it here you don't need imense traffic to get approved for monetization. Than apply for monetize your channel using the steps shown in below link.

3). Be Google Adsense Publisher using Bukisa

Approve Google Adsense using Bukisa, Bukisa knowledge sharing website, Google Adsnse and Bukisa
Bukisa is US base website which focus on knowledge base content spreading. On that website you have to write content and share that content on internet. Bukisa having partnership with Google Adsense or using Google Adsense api they helps you to approve your Google Adsense account using their program. for that you need listed below requirements :

  • Having a account in Bukisa.com.
  • Fill up your right detains in profile page.
  • At least 15-20 original content article.
It's enough to apply for Google Adsense using Bukisa.com . After you having your Google Adsense your Google Ads be shown on article that you wrote on Bukisa and for that you have to share 40% of Adsense revenue with Bukisa. None of the people want to share him/her revenue with anybody then it's not necessary to share Google Adsense with Bukisa after getting approve by Google Adsense just revoke access to Bukisa from Adsense account.

4). Approve Google Adsense Account using Hubpages

Hubpages.com, Google Adsense using Hubpages , Approve Google Adsense from Hubpages
Hubpages also having partnership with Google Adsense or using Google Adsense apis they helps you to approve your Google Adsense account. listed below things you need before apply for Google Adsense using Hubpages :

  • Sign Up with Hubpages with your right details.
  • Write 20-25 hubs (Articles) which having original content.
If you will have these much things then now you can apple for Google Adsense account using Hubpages. Here again same things will happen you can put your Google Adsense ads on your hubs and Hubpages take some of the revenue that you earn via that hubs. So same as I mention above you can revoke access of Google Adsense account.

These are the ways for approve adsense using content writing. From this three according to me first one way is most prefer one. But most of the people are familiar with these ways because content writing is very boring way as I mentioned above. So here are some othe ways which helps to Approve your Google Adsense Account.

5). Get Approve for Google Adsense using Docstoc

Docstoc.com, Google Adsense using Docstoc, Approve Google Adsense using Docstoc, Approve Google Adsense using Doccash
Docstoc is document and presentation sharing website which helps you for becoming Google Adsenes Publisher at anywhere. Requirements for this way are mention below :
  • Having one account in Docstoc.
  • Daily upload 2-3 document and be active till your account not have around 40 documents, and one more thing your document or presentation not be copyrighted material.
After fulfill these requirements you can now apply for Google Adsense account from Docstoc. Just apply for Google Adsense using Docstoc go to your profile page and you will get Doccash fill up the details and now wait for Google Adsense reply. After getting Google Adsense account you not want to share your revenue then you just revoke access to Docstoc for Adsense.

6). Approve Google Adsense using Indyarocks

Indyarocks.com, Approve Google Adsense using Indyarocks, Indyarocks and Google Adsense
Indyarocs is social networking website which also provides support to earn revenue with Google Adsense and approve your Adsense account. For that you need these much things :
  • Sign up with Indyarocks.
  • Update 90% of your Indyarocks profile.
  • Upload 10 Good photos to your Indyarocks account.
  • Write 2 Blogs which contains 250 words and not contains ways to earn online stuff and duplicate content.
So it's enough to apply for Google Adsense using Indyarocks and while appling for Google Adsense from Indyarocks use your gmail id at submission time. Again same you not want to share your revenue with Indyarocks after approved by Adsense you revoke access to Indyarocks.

7). Apply for Google Adsense using Flixya

Flixya.com, Google Adsense using Flixya, Approve Google Adsense using Flixya.com
Flixya is again one social networking website which helps to get approve from Google Adsense. Increase your chances to approve by Google Adsense via Flixya follow this steps mentioned below :

  • Having a account of Flixya.
  • Upload your 10-20 photo which you captured using your camera or mobile phones
  • Upload 5-10 videos that you captured using digicam or mobiles.
  • Write 5-10 articles which not be copied one from other sites.

If you follow these much steps your chances to get approve by Google Adsense increases. Again same thing if you not want to share revenue with Flixya revoke access to Flixya for your account.

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