Hosted content for adsense not showing estimated earnings for Youtube

If your adsense account is not showing your youtube estimated earning under hosted content for adsense than you don't need to worry about this, thats not a problem for you. After searching we found youtube creators have made some changes from April 1 2013 in the way youtube interact with their partner, so now adsense will not calculate youtube earnings according to the youtube creators information given on thier blog as you can read it below

"So, in an effort to ensure we deliver our partners the most accurate and consistent financial performance data for their videos, we are making some changes in how YouTube interacts with AdSense. Starting April 1, 2013, AdSense will no longer calculate and report AdSense for Content Host earnings for YouTube partners. Instead, AdSense earnings from YouTube videos will only be calculated by YouTube and displayed in YouTube Analytics."

To read more about above post you can see it on YOUTUBE CREATORS

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