Ways to make money with a blog or website

If you have a blog or website with considerable traffic and consistent hits on it than following can be the ways which can help you in converting your visitors into cash.

Ad Revenues or Advertising

Become a publisher and place ads on your blog or website and get paid for every click you get on ad. Google AdSense is the best and highest paying ad revenue program currently
One of the most successful bloggers around today is John Chow, a Canadian blogger who makes more than $40,000 a month through ad sales and other revenue streams. Ironically, his blog is about ways to make money online.
You can also sell space for Advertising, or some can hire space on your site to advertise themselves or placing their ads on it, here you will get paid for number of days you someone has hired space.

Sell Affiliate Products

An affiliate is a person who gets a commission for selling every product that he or she promotes. You don't have to own the product. You only need to sign up for an affiliate program, you can find many affiliate programs on internet and whenever their products are sold from your reference you will get some commission. if you want to keep your conscience clear you’ll find that Amazon runs a very successful affiliate program that allows you to make money advertising any of the products for sale on their site. eBay also have a pretty good affiliate setup, with their top affiliates earning $1.3 Million a month, WOW!
Place affiliate product and get commission on every sell of it.

Selling your website:

Work hard on your website and increase its PR and Alexa so that you can get lot of money when you sell it. Selling your website will generate good revenue for you. If your website is old and has something unique about it then you can get a good price by selling it in an open market.
Also if you are good at SEO (search engine optimization) you can build up blogs or website, do seo for it and make it popular than sell it with good price tag.

Earn using YouTube

Make videos related to content on thats your site contains, upload it to you YouTube and apply for monetization. Once approved you will be paid for ads on videos than simply to get more clicks on videos embed it to your blog or website,

Membership & premium content:

If you have great expertise in any field then you can use your vast knowledge to earn money online. Later you can hire others having good knowledge on any topic. What you need to do is set up a membership site. For your Premium members you will have to put up all the contents and tutorials so that they can get help from it. Free users will be entertained with less content and if they want to read more then they will have to signup for a premium account. You can post videos for premium members so that they love your site.

Sell your own product such as EBook

Your own product? Yes as we do we develop our unique wordpress themes which are loved by people and they buy it. If you don’t want to develop something like that then don’t worry you can make quality content as your product. There are a lot of people who will buy your content because they need it either to teach someone else or to learn themselves. The best way to create your content is create a 35+ page document and turn it into PDF file and start selling it. Put some content on your site and ask readers if they love it or not. If they want to read it more, then simply they can buy it.


Micropayments are another way to make money on the Internet. The idea behind micropayments is that if someone has enjoyed or found your content on your site or blog useful they will send you a small amount of money. With the potential of thousands of people sending you small amounts of money you can generate a large revenue from your content.
• Flattr - A great service that allows anyone to send a small amount of money to any website with a Flattr button. The service works by you depositing how much ever you want into a Flattr account and then at the end of the month your deposit is split among every webpage you clicked the Flattr button on.


If you have a web page or service that provides something that cannot be found anywhere else or is unique you may also wish to consider creating a place where your visitors can donate money to you. Below is a short listing of easy ways of setting up your own donation system.
Amazon honor system - A popular and widely used service because of the amount of people who already use the Amazon site for purchasing goods. The Amazon honor system allows for anyone to setup a method of accepting donations on their web page.
ChipIn - An easy and intuitive way to collect money for a website using the PayPal service. The service provides a widget that shows a companies overall progress to collecting money and does not charge any fee for the widget.
PayPal - Another very popular method of accepting donations, PayPal is a widely used service and an easy way to accept donations from your visitors.


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