Blogger blog have only 26 Submitted URLs in Google Webmaster Tools Sitemap. How to fix it?

Why Does Google Webmasters Tool Index Only 26 Pages ?

When you submit your blogger sitemap to Google ,it only indexes first 26 Posts but if you are having more then 26 Posts even then it will show only 26 Pages .

Actually its not the problem of Google Webmasters Tool but the problem of Blogger Blogspot Blogs .To store a backup of your posts in Webmaster Tool Google uses atom XML feed of your blogspot blog .So to overcome 26 URLs problem of Google Webmaster you just have to change your sitemap URL that you are going to submit in Google Webmaster.

How to make Google index more than 26 URL of your website

Copy below code based on number of posts, for posts less than 500


For posts less than 1000


For posts less than 1500

and so on… Example :

If you have 612 posts on your blogs, then you must add two code which are :


Go to Google Webmaster Tools and login

Choose the domain

Click Site configuration > Sitemaps


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