adsense account approval trick by youtube partnership

AdSense in some countries is slightly difficult to get. Many of the publishers says the best way to get an adsense account is through blog, but its not so easy to get an approved account with a six month old 25+ post blog with decent traffic.

Another way to get approval easily is through youtube, as you can see its worked for me. Remember a disapproved account should not be associated with that gmail account from which your youtube acc. has been created.
Just have a youtube account, create a channel in it and upoad atleast 10+ videos. These videos should not receive copyright notice from youtube (read youtube terms and conditions for monetization).
Now wait for some decent traffic, this should be with natural searches and not from referrals. It will be better if your channel is 6 months old.
Than apply for monetization from youtube settings. Click on 'Enable my Account'

Now your youtube account will be monetized

Remember till now you have not applied for adsense, but now its time for it. When a youtube is enabled for monetization how will they pay to you, its through adsense.
Now apply for adsense using youtube as shown below.

Try it with patience and enjoy.......

If you want an already approved account faster than I can help you out for getting this approved click here

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  2. I usually recommend creating and building a blog, and apply using that one. adsenseg

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