How to remove blog name befoe page title in blogger from search result

By default blogger has Blog name in the page title. You should remove blog name before page title to improve your search engine visibility. This will help you in two ways, 1. after removing you can add more characters in your title  and 2. your keyword will appear first which improves seo.

STEPS To Remove Blog Name From Page Title :

1. Login, Go to Blogger setting, Layout, Edit HTML

2. Take a backup by clicking Download Template

3. Expand Widget Templates

4. Search for <title> and you will find following lines. Change them as suggested below:

Change From:



<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;'>

5. Click Save Template

However its result can be quickly seen in browser page tab but it will take some time to see effects in search results because search engine takes some time to effect changes.


  1. how can I see changes instantly? please let me know soon. I used your code on my website:

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  5. Nice Thank you Implement done

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