What are dofollow links | How it effects search engine optimization

Whenever you creates a link, by default it becomes dofollow link unless you use rel="nofollow” attribute which makes it nofollow link. As the name suggest dofollow link is followed by google crawler. This means whenever a page with any link is crawled by google bot has dofollow link than the reputation of the page with link is added to the page rank of the linked landing page.

If a site with a high pagerank links to you with dofollow link, Google increases your authority, and in turn, your pagerank. Those links can be links directly to something you wrote or links left in comments (since most commenting forms allow you to include your URL). But if that site with the higher pagerank is using the noFollow tag than it will not count to your website/blog.

How to use dofollow links for SEO

If you are allowing dofollow links on your site than your readers will appreciate it if you don’t use NoFollow tagging. After all, you’ll be building their authority. It’s a way to give back to your community. Like everything, though, there’s a downside to being a dofollow site, spammers may inundate a dofollow blog with comments and links. If you choose to become a DoFollow site, be aware that you may experience an increase in spam comments and it may take more time to filter out the spammy stuff.

Another think to take care of is that you should try to create backlinks to your website/blog on pages that allows dofollow link. This will greatly help you in getting high page rank. But this doesn't mean that you should not create nofollow backlinks, the opnly thing is that nofollow links will not count you as much as dofollow can.

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