How to blog for money

To start blogging for money you should able to get immense traffic to your blog, for which you have to remember following important points in your mind. And these points will also help you for being eligible for major ad revenue programs.

This is possible only if your blog is listed high on Google index. For this you have to select best platform to start blogging, for beginners Blogger is the best way to start because in blogspot no major optimisation is needed for SEO and its also the partner of Google.

Now next thing is selecting the topic on which you are going to work. First thing during selecting the topic you should remember that topic should be your field of interest. Secondly, topic should not violate Google Policies(such as adult or porn content). And the last thing for beginners is to check the competition level for topic you selected(use Google Keyword tool for that). If you are a beginner than select low competition topic which will help you gaining popularity without much effort.

After selecting topic now you have to start posting, so remember you should not start just by copying articles from different websites, you should start by writing it yourself specially in early stages. You should post only quality content being unique in content is the master key to gain success.

Submit your site to all the major search engines, also to all major listing directories. Use Google WebMaster tool for submitting sitemap and improving its html, this tool will also help in recognising any HTML mistake or site optimisation.
Than start working on building backlinks, advertise your blog using Google Adwords or any other program. Don't use very cheap program because they will not give valid visitors, they generate automated clicks to your blog which decreases google ranking.
Use your blog link as your signature on forums or any other websites, this will help in creating backlinks and people will start recognising you. There are many other ways to get noticed such as social bookmarking,guest blogger,writing articles etc.

Now pay attention to your blog metrics. Watch out the stats use bloggers default or Google Analytics.
See from where you are getting traffic, from which devices, countries, language etc. Also see for which keywords you are getting clicks. See the reference sites, and the post which are getting maximum clicks.
Than work on them and optimize your site for those.

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