Blogger vs WordPress which is better for beginners comparison - 2014

Blogger and Wordpress are the best known free blog hosting services.

First of all blogger is ad-free and you can customize CSS in it, which is not so with wordpress freeware platform you have to upgrade it to premium to enable these feartures.

Blogger has integerated adsense feature, customizable html and includes thirdy party scripts, all these things cannot be done with wordpress.

Both have built-in visitors stats and, blogger supports 50+ languages while wp supports 120+ languages.
Also wp is more secured than blogger, as you can enable password protection for every post in wp.

Search Engine Optimization

If you ask 10 people about which blog platform performs better with regards to SEO 9 out of 10 people would say WordPress. While this is true, Blogger is not really in a big disadvantage.
First, Google does not rely heavily in meta tags and keywords anymore.
Second, Google owns Blogger which makes it more easy to distinguish which side you should support. Will Google leave their Blogger program to be dumped by WordPress forever? Of course not, there will be more changes in the future especially if you are within Google’s backyard.

So in my opinion new blogger interface is more search engine  friendly.
Howerver bloggers dynamic views is not so good for search engine optimization.

Free To Use

Blogger is 100% free. Most Internet marketers suggests that you should start blogging with blogspot to familiarize yourself to various aspects like posting, widgets, applications, elements, feeds and many others. Once you learned a lot, you can switch to WordPress anytime through WordPress Import feature.
If you think this way, you will not realize the importance of Blogger as a platform and it will just remain a training ground on your perspectives. As a free platform, Blogger is totally easy to use to all novice and first time users. But unlike self-hosted WordPress, it highly requires technical knowledge with regards to hosting, servers and other tools, not to mention the expenditures that you will spend for each set-up.

Blogger Pros

Reliable (unlikely to be hacked, virtually no downtime)
Easy-to-use for beginners
Decent selection of templates

Blogger Cons

Limited features (especially comments and the post editor)
You can easily lose your template customizations.
No premium frameworks
Google is free to use and distribute your content.
Self-Hosted Pros

WordPress software is free.
Extremely flexible & feature rich
Highly customizable (especially with web design/development knowledge)
Easy-to-use without coding knowledge
Wide-variety of free and premium themes
Can use premium frameworks like Genesis
You own your content. No fine print.

WordPress Cons

Requires paid web hosting and a domain name
Some web hosts are unreliable.
Theme customization can be difficult for beginners.
Can be easier to hack than Blogspot blogs

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